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Are you tired of subscribing to porn sites around the web due to an awesome advertisement page, only to find out that it sucks once you log into the members area?  Are you tired of finding the same old videos redistributed that you’ve already found around the internet on free tube sites? Don’t you wish you could get a behind the scenes look at what the website is really like before pulling out your wallet and spending your hard earned cash?

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We sure are! After years of paying for low quality, lame, and essentially unworthy porn memberships, we here at Super XXX Porno decided to do something about it: Create our own, one of a kind review website for viewers like ourselves! With our unique point of view, we provide only honest and upfront reviews about porn sites that we want to watch ourselves. Our seasoned writers are made up of webmasters, industry professionals, content producers, and viewers like you! Stop wasting your time (and money) on unworthy porn sites that use splashy advertisements to get you in the door!

We work very hard to research every aspect of the top porn sites, the memberships from the models and cost, to bonus features and promotions, all to make sure that our reviews are complete and accurate. Not only are our reviews unique from any other site, we make sure that we cover a variety of niches that you may be interested in, and only the BEST porn sites! Whether you like bouncing, fake, triple D titties or just a round fat ass that want to take a bite out of, we have it!

Now that you know what we’re all about, head on down to the reviews. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with what you find. So what are you waiting for? Find the best porn sites for you and subscribe today!!

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GF Revenge

GF Revenge is another of those ‘get-back-at-your-ex’ kind of websites.

GF Revenge is exactly what it sounds like. It is a website based around getting back at ex girlfriends. Whether you were cheated on, dumped, or are simply seeking a bit of GFRevenge for yourself, users that want to make some cash can submit photos and videos of their former girlfriends. Each submitted photo awards the submitter $100, while each submitted video awards the submitter $1000. That is, of course, if she is hot enough to make the cut. It’s a great way to get back at that bitch of an ex in true GFRevenge style.

GF Revenge

GF Revenge

What does that mean for members of GFRevenge? A ton of videos shot point of view (POV) style that gives you the feeling of actually being in the thick of things. All girls are of age, but most often times just barely so. Unlike other revenge websites that feature just average looking, or sometimes even ugly girls, GF Revenge only accepts photos and videos of smokin’ babes. If you’re looking for an up close encounter with young girls in personal situations that really know how to fuck, keep reading.

Initial thoughts

I came across GFRevenge through a small clip on a tube site. I searched and searched but couldn’t find any full length videos, but the small clips that I found were extremely hot. After I saw one clip in particular, I had to take the plunge and whip out my credit card to see the full scene. That pussy was just too fine to pass up getting a full view of. Below I go into more details about this particular clip. You will recognize it as the guy with two girls outside of a bar.

The GF Revenge niche really intrigues me. I’ve been scorned by girls in my youth and this hits a sweet spot for me. What’s better than getting mental revenge while getting your fap on to a hot college chick? Exactly, nothing is. Whether you are here to get back at an ex, relive your college glory days, or are just plain looking for hot young chicks to squeeze one out, read on for a more in depth review.

Each week GF Revenge adds new videos and photos. Without a doubt this is the revenge website to subscribe to. Although you can’t get information about the models (obviously to protect their identities from stalkers), who really cares? The amateur girls are really hot and don’t need a full back story to give you a raging hard on.

GF Revenge

GF Revenge

When I got into the GF Revenge members area, I could not believe how many hot chicks had full length clips. The videos are all streamed via flash and I was blown away at the quality of the stream. The variety of shapes and sizes of these girls really lets you find one who is suited for you. Whether you like a full ass, wide hips, large or small tits, it’s all here and they are all young and cute. Whip out your cock and your HD television ‘cause this site is going to get the party started.

Scene Examples

Let’s take a moment and go over some examples of scenes that are available inside of GFRevenge so you get a taste of what’s to cum. This isn’t even going to scratch the surface, but I want to give you an idea of what you can expect.

One featured a guy fucking a girl. They were what appeared to be outside of a bar or a club, on the ground, still half clothed. She even had her wing girl right next to her, getting a great view of the action. Occasionally the friend would reach over and grab her friend’s tits or even play with his balls. Can you imagine getting to fuck a recent high school graduate with her friend joining in on the action, all the while being right outside of a night club? Talk about intense.

GF Revenge

GF Revenge

Another notable scene from GFRevenge is a girl at home with what appears to be her boyfriend. She starts out slowly at first, giving him a tease of her body. First, she shows her cleavage and her round ass through sweat pants. She then slowly moves on to reveal the entirety of her body. Moving over to the couch, fully naked by now, she shakes her ass for him up and down. Eventually, she continues to progress and ends up masturbating for him with the camera is only inches away from her pussy. It was extremely memorable seeing her fit, petite frame with that surprisingly large ass. Not to mention the fact that she was incredibly tight. You would have trouble sticking a pencil inside of her. It was clearly a homemade scene that was never meant to cross my eyes, making it all the sweeter. That is the definition of GF Revenge.

Besides the usual boyfriend on girlfriend action, GFRevenge also offers some candid videos. This gives you a fun and unusually voyeuristic view at the girls doing “normal” activities, like playing video games naked or just hanging around the house. In addition, you can often find both solo masturbation and party gang bang style videos, if that’s what you’re into. The sheer variety of different personal home made videos is astounding. I will be a member of GF Revenge for a long time in the future.


To join GF Revenge, you must use either a credit card or a check. This can be done online or via a simple conversation on the phone. There are four different options that you can choose to gain access to the member’s area. Each GFRevenge membership option consists of the same amount of access, but what varies is the length of the membership. As with most websites, the longer you choose to be a member for, the cheaper that it will be per


For a two day membership, it will only $2 (equal to $30 per month). For a one month membership, it will cost $25. For three months of access, it will cost $50 (33% savings, equal to $15 per month). And last, a six month membership will cost just $60 (60% savings, equal to $10 per month).

Final Words

GF Revenge is a simple, sexy concept that is executed well. They only accept photos and

GF Revenge

GF Revenge

video of the hottest amateurs around and still manage to update the site often. Think about how many pissed off guys are out there with files saved on their computer of their ex’s? This is why GFRevenge was created. It really reminds me of my days in college where it was not hard to find a banging chick to take home and rail. It makes me want to


In the end, the membership cost of GF Revenge is a drop in the bucket and it is totally worth the nostalgia and fun of getting into bed with young, primo girls. The point of view style of most of the videos really adds to that effect and it is an experience that you just will not get on another other revenge porn site.

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